Legal Benefits Program Details

Some conditions to RIASP's legal benefits include:

  • To be eligible, one must have been a member in good standing at the time of the occurrence requiring legal assistance and a RIASP member for at least six months.
  • Associate members who supervise, evaluate, or have authority over principals or assistant principals will not be eligible.
  • Coverage is not automatic. Upon request, RIASP will determine whether or not legal services shall be provided as well as the extent and the duration of the assistance.
  • The provision of legal assistance shall not be predicated upon the race, creed, color, sex, marital status, age, or handicap of the member.
  • If costs and attorney's fees are awarded against a member who is the plaintiff in a civil suit, such costs and fees shall be the sole responsibility of the member, not RIASP.
  • Legal assistance will not be provided for cases regarding criminal actions, except for charges brought against a principal in his/her professional capacity as mentioned above, and financial reimbursement for legal costs will not be provided by RIASP for criminal cases unless the member is found not guilty.
  • Legal assistance by RIASP is for active members and shall continue only to the extent and duration that the applicant is an active or sustaining RIASP member.
  • In the event that a member receives a monetary settlement or judgment as a result of RIASP provided legal assistance, the expenses incurred by RIASP in providing such legal assistance shall be reimbursed to RIASP out of the settlement or judgment proceeds, except that the amount of such reimbursement to RIASP shall not exceed one-half of the gross amount of the settlement or judgment.
  • RIASP provided legal assistance does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the particular case or complaint of the individual.
  • RIASP shall convene a Legal Assistance Committee (consisting of the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, a Member At-Large, and the Executive Director) to hear any appeal of a decision made by the Executive Director related to the RIASP legal policy. The Committee shall also review and make recommendations to the Executive Board when a request is made for legal assistance beyond the financial limits indicated in this policy if it is felt that the case in question has implications that are relevant for the membership as a whole. If approved, legal assistance beyond the individual and group limits established by the policy (see limits below) will be provided from a Legal Defense Fund subject to funds availability. Written requests for all legal assistance must be forwarded to the Executive Director with detailed documentation as required by the Executive Director.
  • Each year the RIASP Executive Board will budget a sum of money for legal assistance. Financial assistance to members is based upon continuous years of membership and is contingent upon available monies in the Legal Assistance Fund.

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